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Community Board

Community Board

Emerald City Theatre’s Community Board is a collection of individuals dedicated to the strengthening and advancement of ECT and its mission to inspire early learners through play.

Community Board members provide advice, feedback and insight from their respective communities. Members spread across the Chicagoland area – from public schools, private schools, and the civic institutions that embody the ECT community. As audience members, theatre school parents and leaders of their community, Community Board members bring expert guidance and superior support to ECT.

Community Board members are asked to:

  • Attend 3 meetings per year, hosted by ECT
  • Provide occasional advice or feedback to ECT Executive staff and Board of Directors
  • Support ECT programs and fundraising efforts
  • Serve as a company Ambassador, sharing our purpose and mission to those in your community

One Fund Committee

One Fund Committee

Emerald City Theatre’s One Fund Committee will spearhead fundraising for ECT’s One Fund and oversee the award selection process for the performance and book component.

One Fund Committee members are asked to:

  • Attend 6 – 8 meetings per year (Jan – April)
  • Help communicate program application opportunity to schools, teachers, and parents
  • Review submitted applications
  • Participate in committee voting for final recipient selection
  • 1 year commitment, renewable
  • Make a $500 minimum Give/Get commitment to One Fund by March 2
  • Option to participate in One Fund performances

Scholarship Fund Committee

More information coming soon!