In-School Residencies

Read, Write, & Act

Bring the gift of creative drama and literacy to your school! Emerald City Theatre’s Read, Write, & Act Residency program (for pre-k through 5th grade) focuses on developing students as confident readers, writers, and actors in your classrooms during the school day. Our professional teaching artists guide your students in developing academic, artistic, and life skills during multiple visits over a period of several weeks.

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Combine the fun of creative drama with your Common Core Standards. Emerald City Theatre’s “Read, Write, and Act Residency” and “Create Your Own Residency” programs focus on developing students as confident readers, writers, and actors in your classrooms. Our professional teaching artists guide your class in developing academic, artistic, and life skills during multiple visits over several weeks. Pre-K through 8th-grade classrooms can be accommodated. Use this residency to bolster units your students are already studying in class. 

Create Your Own Residency

Focuses on:

  • Creative and imaginative dramatic exploration
  • Reading comprehension
  • Vocabulary acquisition and oral language practice
  • Critical-thinking and decision-making skills
  • Ensemble building
  • Developing confidence and self-esteem
  • Appreciation of theatre and literature
  • Awareness of actor, author, and playwright’s tools

Our Residencies Include:

  • Includes a pre-planning consultation with Emerald City Theatre administrative and teaching staff to determine schedule and material to be covered.
  • Includes program supplies and materials.
  • Includes a final presentation of the class for family and friends.
  • Customized for each classroom’s individual interests and needs.
  • Appropriate for Pre-K through 8th grade.
  • Emerald City Theatre is happy to advise and help you choose a book that is right for your individual classroom’s needs either from your curriculum or from our bookshelf!

Read, Write, & Act!

Emerald City Theatre’s flexible Create Your Own Residency program focuses on integrating drama in your classroom. Pre-K through 8th-grade classrooms can be accommodated. Use this residency to bolster units your students are already studying in class. Our professional teaching artists create engaging lesson plans to meet your curriculum needs.

  • Choose Your Subject: You may tailor the curriculum of the residency to complement your class curriculum.
  • Enjoy a Flexible Timeline: Both duration and frequency are customizable.
  • Have an Affordable Price Range: We will work with your school’s budget! Generally, prices start at $1,800 for a 9-session residency.

How It Works

Start by choosing a book as your focus! In three basic parts, students will spend equal time reading, writing, and acting with inspiration from the story.


A teacher reads a story to the classroomWe begin by reading a selected book or story and discussing basic narrative elements including: plot structure, sequential thinking, character, setting, and conflict. Lessons can be tailored to the ability level of your class. Emerging readers will practice print and phonemic awareness, while older students may study character analysis and plot development.

State Goals include
CCSS.ELA-Literacy: Reading Literature



Children writing their own storiesThe second part of the program will focus on further exploring the story. Our teaching artists will present opportunities to enrich the original story with your students’ writing which may include creating song lyrics, poetry, dialogue, and more.

State Goals include
CCSS.ELA-Literacy: Writing



Children performing the stories they wroteIn the final stage of the residency, teaching artists will help the students bring their story to life by creating a mini-play. Using theatrical techniques, students will practice acting and storytelling while working as an ensemble. The final week of the program ends in a showcase of this mini-play for family and friends!

State Goals include:

ELA-Literacy: Speaking & 

Recent Residencies

Take a look at these recent Emerald City Theatre residencies:

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Kindergarten 7 class sessions

Jahn Elementary
Kindergarten – 5th grade
14 class sessions

Dore Elementary
4th and 5th grade
15 class sessions

West Ridge Elementary
4th grade
18 class sessions

Lawndale Community Academy
6th – 8th grade
18 class sessions

Jahn Elementary
Kindergarten – 5th grade
9 class sessions

Additional ECT residency partner schools include: Alcott Elementary, Crown Community Academy, CICS Loomis Primary Academy, Lorca Elementary, and Mark T. Skinner West Elementary