Summer Camp FAQ

Have questions about camp at Emerald City Theatre? Below are answers to some typical questions. If your question is not answered here, give us a call at 773.529.2690.

I have just registered my child for camp, what should I do next?

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  1. Do a little happy dance to celebrate having registered your child for an awesome summer camp!
  2. Mark the dates on your calendar and retain the email confirmation of your registration.
  3. Complete your child’s Emergency Contact Form. You can find the link to this form in your confirmation email. 
  4. Approximately one week prior to your camp’s start date you will receive a camp first day letter via email. The letter will contain detailed camp information, including what students can expect, what they should bring with them, what they should wear. Please be sure you have filled out the registration form included in your confirmation email.

What is your drop-off and pick-up policy?

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Camps for ages 3.5 – 5:

  • Drop-off window: 8:45 AM – 9:15 AM
  • Pick-up window: 12:00 PM – 12:15 PM

Camps for ages 5 – 6*, 7 – 8*, and 9 – 13*:

  • Drop-off window: 8:45 AM – 9:15 AM
  • Pick-up window: 3:00PM – 3:15 PM

If you find that 15 minutes is not enough time, we can arrange for you to pick up one of your children as early as 2:45 PM. If you are running late, please call and notify designated Camp Coordinator. After the 15-minute pickup window closes, a late fee of $1/per minute per child will be charged and due upon arrival. 


Does my child need to be potty-trained to attend camp?

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Yes, your child must be toilet-trained to enroll in camp. To be considered fully potty-trained, a child must be able to communicate the need to use the restroom prior to going, and must be completely independent and able to undress, clean up, and redress themselves without assistance.

Do you provide a snack/lunch, or do we need to pack it?

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Students need to bring their own NUT-FREE lunches and snacks from home. Full-day (9:00 AM – 3:00 PM, ages 5 – 15) campers should pack two snacks and a lunch. Half-day campers (9:00 AM – 12:00 PM, ages 3.5 – 5) should pack one snack and no lunch. Students are also asked to bring a closed top refillable water bottle. Please note that Emerald City Theatre has a strict no sharing policy for snacks and lunches. 

Your camp is NUT-FREE, what should I do if my child only eats peanut butter and jelly?

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Our NUT-FREE policy is in place to ensure the safety of all of our campers. We would encourage you to try using sunflower seed butter or soy butter as a nut-free alternative. Please note that Emerald City Theatre has a strict no-sharing policy for snacks and lunches.

Is the classroom space air-conditioned?

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Yes, our classroom spaces have air-conditioning! Throughout the day they will participate in many activities, some of which are very physical. Even with air-conditioning, it can still get warm! We encourage your child to dress in light layers and secure closed-toed shoes so that they can remain comfortable during varying activities.

How strict are the age restrictions?

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We ask that your child meets the age requirement of the camp by the start date of the camp. Please contact Education Coordinator Jess Smoot,, 773.529.2690 x825  if you have further questions regarding your child’s age and what camp is most appropriate for them. We’d be happy to talk to you further about your child specifically.

What is the maximum number of students per camp? 

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For our 3.5 – 5, 5 – 6, 7 – 8, and 9 – 13 camps, the maximum number of students per camp is 16. For our Advanced 7 – 13, 9 – 13, and 12 – 15 camps, the maximum number of students is 22. 

What is the student to teacher ratio? Who will be teaching camps, and what are their credentials?

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Each camp has a 6:1 student to teacher ratio.

Emerald City Theatre summer camp counselors are teaching artists, theater professionals, and experienced educators. If you’re curious, you can read all about their accolades and accomplishments here.

Do the students ever leave the main camp location?

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Yes. Our full-day camps (ages 5 – 15) take a daily trip to a local gated playground for lunch. Campers all wear their Emerald City Theatre camp T-shirts and are accompanied by their entire camp teaching staff.

Half-day camps (ages 3.5 – 5) might take one or two trips to the park throughout the week, also wearing their camp T-shirts and accompanied by their teachers.

All students will have an opportunity to put on sunscreen or have a teacher apply it for them.

Can I stay and watch if my student is nervous at the start of camp?

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For ages 3.5 – 5, there is a short grown-up meeting on the first day of camp. During this meeting, your child will have the opportunity to meet the teachers and fellow campers while you are still present.

For older campers, your teachers will be available to greet campers and grown-ups.

What is the policy for switching, canceling or refunding a camp?

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  • No refunds available if purchaser drops a class or camp unless the spot can be filled from the waiting list. If a spot can be filled, a refund less a $25 administrative fee will be given. Switching of dates/titles of class or camp will also incur a $25 administrative fee. 
  • Class and camp enrollment is only valid toward the season enrolled and cannot be applied to a class or camp in a later season. 
  • Switch Fee: Switching of dates/titles of camp will incur an administrative fee of $25. 
  • Grace Period: There will be NO FEE charged for cancellations or class switches made prior to February 1, 2019. 

We are going to be out of town and miss a couple days of camp. Is that okay?

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Please contact Education Coordinator, Jess Smoot, and let her know about your travel plans at or by calling 773.529.2690 ext. 825. 

Attending each day of a camp session is preferred (it’s more fun for us!), but we will work with your camper to make-up the material they missed within the time allotted. If your child will need to miss more than 3 days of a camp session, we recommend considering another camp session so they will be able to get the full experience.

Please note, we cannot prorate camp fees based on individual missed days.

When is the final performance?

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Each camp has a final performance/demonstration on the last day of camp. The time and location of your child’s camp performance will be included in your first day letter. The  first day letter will be emailed to you about one week prior to camp.

Final performances/demonstrations are free, with the exception of Advanced Camps and Advanced Teen Camp, and can be attended by any camp family member and friends.

Advanced Camp performances (ages 7 – 13 and 9 – 13) and Advanced Teen Camp (12 – 15) cost $10/ticket.

Photography and video of the performances is encouraged!