The ECT Experience

Whether it’s before, during, or after your scheduled performance, planning and knowing what fun lies ahead will make your trip to Emerald City Theatre easy and unforgettable!

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The Pre-show Activity

Be sure to arrive at the theater early so you can take part in our pre-show activity! Before every ECT show, there will be an activity in the lobby related to the show. 

When should we arrive?

You’ll want to build in time for parking, picking up your tickets, the pre-show activity, and maybe a bathroom trip before the show starts. We recommend that you plan to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to show time.

During the Show

How long is the play?

Most ECT plays are about an hour long. There are never intermissions during ECT plays.

What should I do if my child becomes noisy or restless?

Sometimes kids just need a break. If your child is becoming disruptive to those around you, please exit through the rear of the theater, and take them to the lobby until they are ready to return. Request an aisle seat if you would like to be ready for a “quick escape!”

How are age recommendations for each play determined?

Our age recommendations are general and based on the show theme, language, run time, and balance of dialogue to music. 



After ECT performances you can meet the characters you just saw on stage! In the lobby, you will find some of the characters waiting to meet with you, answer your questions, sign your program, and take photos.


Can I redeem gift certificates or coupons online?

Some discounts can be redeemed online. If you have a Broadway Playhouse show discount code, this can be used on the Ticketmaster site. Select tickets under “Promotions and Special Offers” and type your discount code into the available box.

If you have a gift certificate from ECT, it must be redeemed over the phone. Please call the phone number listed on your gift certificate to reserve your seats.

Can I exchange my tickets for another performance of the same show?

Single ticket purchases are final, no exchanges or refunds. 

Is the theater wheelchair accessible?

Yes. All of ECT’s performance homes are wheelchair accessible. When booking your tickets, please inform the ticket agent of your needs, and they will make sure you are accommodated.

At the Broadway Playhouse, there is a ramp in the lobby that leads to wheelchair-accessible seating.