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Applications for Class and Camp Scholarships available soon!

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Emerald City Theatre’s Scholarship Fund provides an opportunity for qualifying under-served youth to attend Chicago’s largest theater arts program for children through our camps and classes. 

Our goal is to help children increase self-esteem, boost confidence, build teamwork skills, improve literacy, and foster emotional intelligence. 

You’ve seen how theater arts have enriched the lives of your kids. Please help us improve the lives of more Chicago children! 


Thanks to your support, Emerald City Theatre has awarded  full Summer Camp and Fall/Spring Class scholarships to children from all across Chicago. 

We need your help to continue serving the needs of children who would otherwise not be able to afford this opportunity. 

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Applications for Class and Camp Scholarships available soon!


Scholarship Fund Application FAQs

If you don’t see the answer to your question, contact Rebeccah Singer, Education Manager, at

What are the standard requirements for scholarship eligibility?

Students must be rising 2-13 years old. Submission of financial documents is required with each application, and scholarships are awarded based on need and interest.

What age groups are eligible for scholarships?

Scholarships are currently awarded to ages 2 – 13. Advanced Ensembles are not eligible for scholarships at this time. 

What scholarship amounts will be awarded?

Scholarships will cover partial and/or full tuition. Award amounts will be based on need and interest.

When are scholarship applications due?

For Fall 2019, scholarship applications are due September 1st. Spring 2020 scholarship applications are due January 15th, 2020. For Summer 2020, scholarship applications are due April 30th, 2020. Apply online directly through this website.

Can more than one child in a family apply and be awarded scholarship?

Multiple children in a family may apply for a scholarship. Applicants may also apply for scholarships for multiple sessions.

How does a typical Emerald City Theatre class run?

Fall and Spring Classes at Emerald City Theatre are 12 weeks long. Summer Camps meet for one week for 3.5-5 years old and two weeks for 5-13 years old. Over the course of camp or class, students work as an ensemble to create a final show based on the class theme. Each week, classes progress their work on character development, acting exercises and techniques, rehearsing a script, learning music and choreography, and creating craft props, costumes and set pieces. On the last day of class or camp, students present a final show for family and friends!

Where do Emerald City Theatre classes take place? What class options are there?

Emerald City Theatre has class locations in Lakeview and Lincoln Park.  

Can applications be submitted and reviewed after the deadline?

Applications are closed soon after the deadline to ensure applicants are notified of their award in a timely fashion. Priority is given to all applications submitted before the deadline; applications received after the deadline are accepted on a rolling basis. 

When will families be notified of their scholarship application status?

We do our best to respond to applications as soon as we can. All families should be notified no later than two weeks after the deadline.